The Foundation

The Innsbrook Foundation

The Innsbrook Foundation was founded almost thirty years ago to engage the employees of the growing business community. That focus remains and has been expanded. As Innsbrook grew so has the scope and mission of the Innsbrook Foundation. With the priority of promoting the Innsbrook brand, today the Innsbrook Foundation oversees almost one hundred events which engage the community, foster business development, and encourage philanthropy. The Innsbrook Foundation board of directors and officers is comprised of volunteer professionals who meet monthly and provide oversight, direction and support for the work of the Foundation staff.

Foundation Board of Directors

  • Carter Marchant, President
    Executive Committee

  • Toby Leslie, Vice President
    Executive Committee

  • Dave Cummings, Secretary
    Executive Committee

  • Brian Menditto, At-Large
    Executive Committee

  • Kelly Bundy, At-Large
    Executive Committee

  • Tom O’Grady, At-Large
    Executive Committee

  • Patricia Hogan, Director

  • Matt Sugg, Director

  • Ashleigh Hudgins, Director

  • Pam Kline, Director

  • Robert Maxwell, Director

  • Diann Pearson, Director

  • Rob Ragusa, Director

  • Dan Kern, Director

For special events and facility rentals, please contact the Innsbrook Foundation at email us or 804.217.8800.

Foundation Staff

  • Yvonne Mastromano

    Executive Director
    Phone: 804.217.8800, ext.1 |  Email Me

  • Brian Congrove

    Events & Development Director
    Phone: 804.217.8800, ext.3 | Email Me

  • Pat Bereznak

    Staff Accountant and Bookkeeper
    Phone: 804.217.8800, ext.4  | Email Me