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Our standard for success encompasses over 500 companies and 22,000 employees located within an 630-acre mixed-use community. Innsbrook features three lakes enhanced by decks and fountains, five miles of paved trails, Class “A” office buildings, combined with an innovative amenities package. It is home to some of the most recognized and successful companies in Central Virginia in the traditional business fields of finance, insurance, legal and professional services, biotech, health and medical services, property management, environmental, high-tech, hospitality and education.

Innsbrook continues to attract Fortune 500s, regional headquarters, mid-sized to small firms and start-ups which have found Innsbrook to be the best location for:

  • Increased brand visibility
  • Strength in the market to face competition
  • Optimization of growth plans and success in the market today and tomorrow
  • Accessibility, safety and perception of the location
  • Amenities that attract the best and brightest professionals
  • Proximity to the nation’s capitol, plus nearby shopping, retail, and hotels

For more than 40 years, Innsbrook has been thoughtfully planned and is recognized as the region’s most successful live, work, play environment.

For almost 40 years, Innsbrook has proven to be a business location that works consistently to maximize the success of business. Innsbrook provides a host of business-friendly programs such as Innsbrook Table Talks, Wellness forums, numerous networking events and activities bringing people and companies together to get linked in, supported and grow.