IBL 2020 Rules



Innsbrook Biggest Loser 2020 Rules



  • Five members per team
  • Each team must have a minimum of two female participants
  • Individual participation also allowed



  • Work together as a team to healthfully lose weight over the 8 week competition
  • Begin with an initial weigh-in, waist measurement, and complimentary screenings
  • Weigh in each week to monitor your weight loss
  • Lose weight and score points during the competition to increase your chases of being the Biggest Loser
  • Individual and Team weight loss (in pounds) are converted to percentage weight loss to determine the weekly and overall winners
  • Receive weekly newsletters sharing weight loss winners of the week, health tips, and team standings


  • Wednesday, January 15th – Tuesday, March 11rd
  • Weigh-ins will be every Tuesday during the 8-week competition (except for initial weigh in)
  • Weigh-in times and locations:

Innsbrook Foundation Office
4600 Cox Rd. Suite 109
11:30am – 1pm


Shady Grove YMCA
11255 Nuckols Rd.
11:30am – 1pm


Determining Champions:

The IBL team and individual champions will be determined based on two criteria:

  1. The team or individual with the most points earned between January 15th – March 11th
  2. All team members and individual competitors must meet mandatory weight loss goals (see weight loss chart below)

Weight Loss Goals

Initial weigh-in            Weight loss minimum
100-199                         5 lbs
200-299                       10 lbs
300-399                       15 lbs


  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place team winners will be awarded a cash prize and prize pack.
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place individual winners will be awarded a cash prize and prize pack
  • Top 3 competitors with the greatest waistline reduction will be awarded a prize pack (this is a separate category and will not determine overall winners)
  • If a tie occurs, the tiebreaker will be the team or individual that has lost the highest percentage of their weight



Weight Loss:

  • Each team member or individual competitor will earn two points for any weight loss experienced from their previous weigh-in = 2 points max per individual, 10 points max per team
  • A minimum of .1 lbs must be lost to earn the two points for weight loss
  • No points will be awarded to a person who has gained or maintained their weight



  • Each competitor who attends a scheduled weigh-in (all team members do not have to weigh in at the same location) = 1 point per individual, 5 point max per team.
  • If a competitor knows ahead of time that they will be unable to make a certain Tuesday weigh-in, they may weigh-in on the Friday before the known missed weigh-in day, NOT the Friday after the missed weigh-in. A Friday make-up weigh-in must be done in the Innsbrook Foundation office only from 11:30am – 1:00pm.
  • If a competitor misses a weigh-in due to unavoidable circumstances, the Innsbrook Foundation will assess the situation and determine if a “make-up” weigh-in may be issued