Innsbrook Next

Innsbrook Mixed Use Continues to Expand

After years of planning and research, Innsbrook’s zoning designation as an Urban Mixed Use “UMU” development has been realized.  Developers of Innslake Place completed phase I in the summer of 2020.  Located at the corner of Innslake Drive and Dominion Boulevard in Innsbrook, phase II is well underway and is scheduled to deliver first units in the early summer of 2021.

“We saw the potential value in Innsbrook right away”, said developer Richard Souter of WVS Companies.  WAM Associates LLC, led by Joe Marchetti Jr., along with Richmond-based WVS, began the second phase of their Innslake Place apartment development in the fall of 2019 at 4235 Innslake Place in Innsbrook.

The first phase is a five-story, 100-unit apartment complex on the corner of Innslake Drive and Dominion Boulevard.   The second phase will provide an additional 123 units which will extend above a surface parking lot next door to the Benchmark Mortgage Company building on the site.  The development will include a 255-space parking deck for office tenants and residents and a courtyard and improved walkways with upscale landscaping.  “Innsbrook is already the heart of business in Henrico and one of the largest business parks in the state.  The future is urban so we are taking the lead with this project as we begin to actualize the vision of the Innsbrook Architectural Review Committee for the future growth and densification of Innsbrook”, Richard Souter, continued.

Innsbrook Next is Now!

Innsbrook business park was the brain child of founders, Sidney Gunst and Paul Kreckman nearly 4 decades ago.  While history certainly has its place, it is also important to continue to keep pace with changes in trends.  With this in mind, Mr. Gunst and Mr. Kreckman, along with the Innsbrook Owners Association, decided to make plans for “Innsbrook Next”.

“The Innsbrook Foundation team will continue to build on the 80-100 events that we host and oversee in Innsbrook each year.  Plans are already underway to add programming that reflects the needs and interests of our expanded community”, —Innsbrook Foundation Executive Director, Yvonne Mastromano.